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  • Clarity Pharma Research is a specialty supplier focused on chart audit/treating physician research. Internationally, we are known as the only supplier of scientifically valid patient records research.
  • Results of our research have been used to modify clinical trial development, our forecasts have ranged to within 1% of actual product sold, our data have aligned with SEER, and articles developed by our scientists over the past 27 years have withstood the scrutinity of peer-review medical journals and medical conferences.
  • In the past year, we have been honored with several opportunities to present in the US and Europe our innovative sampling methodology approach at professional organizations like PMRG, PBIRG, and the Research Magazine Healthcare Conference. We have also been fortunate to have the results from 6 of our research projects publised in peer review journals and presented as posters at medical conferences.
  • Our capabilities extend globally with a primary focus on the US, EU5 and Japan. We are developing capabilities in China, Brazil, Taiwan, Mexico, Russia, Turkey and South Korea.
  • To learn more, contact DJ Rogers at 864-384-1407 (o) or
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